WORKSHOPS: Autodidactic musical theory - Stolen?
Tuesday, 9. September 2014
Theatre Hall Vetrinje Mansion

Bojan Cvetrežnik – author of the "Autodidactial musical theory" method and workshop leader (Godalkanje, Waldorf Music School Ljubljana)
Žiga Fabbro – multi-instrumentalist (music teacher at the Waldorf Music School Ljubljana)

Workshop No. 1 at 9.00
Workshop No. 2 at 11.00
Workshop No. 3 at 17.00
For all age groups.

In collaboration with Waldorf Music School Ljubljana

The “Stolen“ method

”What a fantastic experience! With great results achieved so quickly and accompanied with so much fun!” Bojan Cvetrežnik, a Maribor born viola, violin and bass player, composer, teacher and mentor gets this a lot. Usually followed by a question, which even after years of teaching still makes him blush: ”Did you invent the method yourself?” Being modest as he is, the charismatic “all-rounder“ (who always gives his all, no matter whether he performs in a tailcoat in some posh concert hall, dazzles the fans of his hugely successful band Terrafolk with some crazy violin stunt or in a spur of a moment decides to do some impromptu busking) never fails to mention all the great minds from Guido d'Arezzo, to Zoltan Kodály and all the way to Alex A. Sioris prior to reveal the idea behind his method, the “Autodidactic musical theory“. Born out of his boundless curiosity and driven by a wish to bring musical theory to his students in a way he believes to be the most natural, practical, efficient and fun, his method is equally recommended to both trained musicians and music teachers as well as musical enthusiasts, who never tackled musical theory before. “Sometimes I am truly grateful that we seem to have forgotten so much of our forefathers' knowledge. This way we still have the opportunity to be “inventors“ even if Socrates already discussed the same things before us.