PROJECT: Stolen?
Saturday, 6. September
Union Hall at 19.30

Richard Tognetti - project author
Jure Ivanušič -  co-director
Aljaž Zupančič - dramaturgical co-author and author of texts
Robert Murray - dramaturgical co-author
Joseph Nizzeti - dramaturgical co-author
Nejc Bečan -  author of the arrangements 

Richard Tognetti - solo violin and lead violin

Aleš Marčič - choirmaster

Jure Ivanušič - dramatic interpreter
Per Rundberg - piano
Tomaž Sevšek - organ, harpsichord
Ernest Šarközi - cimbalom
Gypsy Devils
Tim Urbanya - DJ
and many others

Allcomb d.o.o. - video
Danilo Ženko - Sound engineer 

Program to include:
Excerpts from the works by Mozart, Beethoven, R. Strauss, J. S. Bach, Wagner, Stravinsky, Vivaldi, Ligeti, K. Weill, Dvořák,  Berg, J. Williams, Shostakovich, J. Horner and many other composers of classical music.

Linking to the borrowed themes from classical music we will also present some of the most famous excerpts from the film music and some of the biggest hits of popular music.

After starting from Nothing in 2011 and then having Everything in 2012 it seems only natural that the theme of Tognetti's 2014 project and the leading theme of the festival is – theft. Someone's abundance is always someone else's temptation! Music is no exception and judging by history's numerous examples of stolen... erm... borrowed melodies, phrases, tunes, themes, and ideas the composers obviously find it very hard to resist it! Just ask Handel, who borrowed from just about everybody (a common practice in baroque, one has to add in his excuse), only to become the one Brahms, Beethoven or Schoenberg borrowed from. Not even Bach or Mozart could keep away, nor did Strauss, or Schubert or Sibelius, not to even mention Shostakovich - a self-styled musical kleptomaniac!

Who knows how much less masterpieces we would have to enjoy today if the composers could do what the rich and beautiful can: build walls, install cameras and let their Dobermans off leash. But just because they can't, does this make stealing... erm... borrowing less of a crime? And us who so obviously enjoy the stolen goods innocent?