AFTER PARTY: Stolen Beats
Thursday, 11. September 2014
MMC Kibla, multimedia center at 22:00

Tim Urbanya - performer and DJ
Periklea Visuals - VJ

No, it's not just the classical music composers! The art of stealing, pardon – appropriation in music, is very much alive and kicking on the dance floor as well. And there is no better way of exposing the culprits, than with a set of ”stolen“ beats mixed and blended together by one of Slovenia's hottest DJs, Tim Urbanya: ”A DJ performance at a classical music festival? What a challenge! It is a great opportunity for me to explore musical history and mix electronic music with as many different genres as possible. We shall have Vivaldi and Bach side by side with Michael Jackson and Prince. This exclusive performance is a wish came true: to create an extended set, hours of music without any genre limitations or strict directions – absolute freedom with no feelings of guilt!”