Gypsy Devils is the name of a unique combination of musicians who are bringing original works, nobly arrangements, unusual musical combinations and new image. Tradition is enriched by their cooperation with symphonic orchestras, where they very skilfully combine classical pieces with other musical genres, such as jazz, ethno, flamenco, or Gypsy music by adding extraordinary virtuosity, that is an integral part of the artistic character of the Gypsy Devils. The academic and professional audience considers Gypsy Devils to be one of the best world ensembles in the category Ethno and World Music and they are also very popular among broad public at home as well as abroad. The ensemble cooperates with many top symphonic orchestras, conductors, singers and instrumentalists of various musical genres. 

The Gypsy Devils have performed at 5 continents and in 35 countries. Prestigious concert stages where the orchestra performed include Berlin Philharmonics, Opera House-London, Concert Hall-Melbourne, Winter Olympics-Vancouver 2010, Summer Olympics London 2012, etc. Gypsy Devils sold ten of thousands CDs and in 2000 they were awarded with 3 Grammys from Slovak Music Academy for Best ensemble, Best album and Best performer.