The violinist Levente Gidró was born in 1975 in Romania. In 1994 he graduated from the Conservatory of Music 'Nagy István' under the guidance of his professors Paula Köllő and Alberto Derzsi. In the year 2000 he completed his studies at the Academy of Music in Brașov under the guidance of Professor Leona Varvarichi. He continued his studies in Zürich under the supervision of Professor Christoph Schiller where he also completed his education in 2005.

Since 2000 he has been a member of several orchestras in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Romania. Furthermore, he attended master classes with László Kiss in Australia, Dan Mit in Spain, Valeriu Pitulac in Romania, Martin Fuchs in Austria and Csaba Erdelyi in the USA. He's been performing with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Slovene National Theatre since 2008, when he also became a member of the string trio 'Trio Maribor' with which he performs at home and abroad.


Festival for the elderly

Festival at the University clinical centre Maribor