Klavdija Pirnat Breznik was born in Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia and graduated in Sociology and Interdisciplinary Humanities. In 1994 she took up the violin at the Lower Music School in Slovenj Gradec and graduated in 2002.  She took up classical singing at the age of eighteen. In 2006 she began studying classical singing at the Conservatory Anton Martin Slomšek where she got acquainted with a brilliant Professor Simona Raffanelli Krajnc Mag. Art. with whom she works up to the present day. 

As part of her studies she has been performing at the opera in various roles, for example in the translated and abridged opera entitled Hansel and Gretel by E. Humperdinck. Moreover, she performed as Pamina in The Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart. In the one-act singspiel Bastien and Bastienne by W. A. Mozart she took up the role of Bastienne. What is more, she performed in a choir of the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor in the opera Aida, directed by the conductor Francesco Rose and director Pier Francesco Maestrini.



Impressions from the History of Music and Culinary Arts in Maribor